Thursday, February 10, 2011

Upcoming Events for Oklahoma's Chapter of TFAP

Hope that 2011 is off to an awesome start for all of you.

We have a couple local events on the calendar and welcome new members and supporters of our local chapter.

Networking Night for Oklahoma's Chapter of TFAP
Monday, February 21st
6:00 PM
Prohibition Room (in the Gold Dome) 1223, NW 23rd St., OKC
This is an informal get together in which members of the local Feminist Art Project can meet other members, learn more about TFAP and contribute ideas for future OK TFAP plans and events. More information at the following link:

"That's What SHE Said;" An OKC StorySLAM
Friday, March 18th
7:00 PM
Istvan Gallery, 1218 N Western Ave., OKC
The OKC StorySLAM is an open-mic storytelling event. Anyone can participate as a storyteller or audience member. To participate as a storyteller, participants must sign up by 7:30. All stories must be 7 minutes or less and must relate to the them of "That's What SHE Said." (Stories about brave and outspoken women). No charge to attend. Content is geared towards a mature audience. We will be using this event to build support for our local TFAP chapter.
See event information here:

Join us!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Come say hi to us at Deluxe OK!

Hey there!

TFAP-OK will have a booth at the incredible Deluxe OK this weekend, at the Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City! (click click the link for all the details!)

This event is an amazing showcase for independent artists, crafters, and designers of all genders, a place to shop local and get some great gifts for the people on your 'nice list' (or on your 'naughty list', we don't judge)

Stop by and say hi!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You can still participate in the "Dear Mary or Jari Project"

Last night was the opening reception for the "Dear Mary or Jari Project" at a.k.a. Gallery in the Paseo. Well, the reception was absolutely terrific!

Many thanks to all who made it last night a great evening:
Ashley Griffith, gallery owner and director
DJ Neu provided music for the event
Lauren Zuniga performed her original poetry
TFAP-OK Task Force Members

...and of course all of the fabulous artists that participated!

Several artists asked us last night if they could still participate in this project. The answer is YES!

We will still accept submissions for this project until October 21st. They will be included in the book that is presented to our first female governor.

A closing reception will take place at the aka Gallery (3001 Paseo) on the evening of October 21st. Participants can deliver their work to the gallery on that date.

Follow this link to download the Call for Entries if you would like to be part of the Dear Mary or Jari Project:

For questions, please email:

Thursday, September 30, 2010

a little light reading

What is feminist art? Who makes it- just women? just feminists? What is its place in contemporary art?

The Washington Post has a whole section of articles on the topic, from artist profiles to reviews and essays that put the feminist art movement in context. It's not Oklahoma women artists, but it is food for thought. Enjoy-

Read more here:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Friday (10/1/10) in the Paseo-

What are you doing this Friday?

Heading to the Paseo's first Friday, you say? Why that sounds fantastic!

While you're there, be sure to stop by aka gallery for the opening of the Dear Mary or Jari Project (squee! we are excited!!) and submit your own message to our next governor.

If you haven't been to First Friday before, well- you should. Galleries open late, lots of fun people, art everywhere, refreshments, and the weather should be perfect. I hope we'll see you there!

Friday, September 17, 2010


do you have your piece ready for the Dear Mary or Jari Project?

*gentle reminder*

pass it on- we can't wait to see your entries!

this weekend- Lightwell Gallery, IAO, OVAC Art Criticism Panel

Looking for something to keep you out of trouble this weekend as we say goodbye to summer? How about some art by Oklahoma women?

Large installation work by the inimitable romy owens will open tonight at the University of Oklahoma's Lightwell Gallery. Seriously, not to be missed: details

In downtown OKC, the new opening at IAO features some lovely ceramic pieces by Tulsa's Laurie Spencer and continues from 6-9 tonight. read more...

And, if that's not enough for you, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is hosting the third and last in a series of public panels tying in with their Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship. The topic of this panel will be Art Criticism: Writing, Editing, and Publishing and it will take place at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art on Saturday afternoon (9/18) starting at 1pm. Check it out.

Okay, the last one is not 'art by Oklahoma women' per se, but it's a noteworthy visit to our state by some pre-eminent art writers, and if it's anything like the first two, I can guarantee you some stimulating discussion and food for thought.

See you out there-

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dear Mary or Jari Project-

The Feminist Art Project- Oklahoma Chapter is thrilled to announce a collaborative art project, and we need YOUR help!

From the Call for Entries:
This election season, Oklahoma is poised to make history by electing either Mary
Fallin or Jari Askins as its first female governor. With this in mind, the Oklahoma
chapter of the Feminist Art Project is launching a participatory art project titled, The
‘Dear Mary or Jari’ Project.

What do you hope will happen in Oklahoma in the next four years? Would you
like to speak up about issues that are important to you? Would you like to give a
message to our next governor? Here is your chance. The FAP is collecting letters
and handmade artwork addressed to Dear Mary or Jari, with the wishes, hopes, and
fears from Oklahoma women statewide. We would love your participation in this

• To celebrate the state of Oklahoma’s historical election between two female
candidates for Governor
• To provide an opportunity for Oklahoma’s female artists to convey their
thoughts, hopes, and desires to the first female Governor
• To stimulate discussion regarding the female voice in politics and the
culture of Oklahoma
• To encourage females throughout the state to vote in this election

Entries should be a “Visual Art Letter” to Oklahoma’s first female governor.
Therefore, all artists must work with the title of “Dear Mary or Jari.” Artists may
create their original visual art letter by utilizing mediums such as painting, drawing,
handwritten letters, fiber art, or any handmade work of art. Eligibility is restricted to
female Oklahomans who currently live in the state. Letters may contain poetry,
prose, persuasive essays, drawings, paintings, photography, or any media that can
be attached to or created on a piece of paper, canvas, or similar surface that is 15”
x 15” in size and on a stitchable material. Entries are not required to be signed.
Once collected, entries will be assembled into a collaborative work of art, and
copies of each entry will be bound and delivered to the winner of the gubernatorial

1. Submissions limited to female Oklahomans living in the state.
2. Only one submission per individual.
3. The work must be 15” x 15” in size on a stitchable material. No exceptions
to dimensions will be permitted.
4. The thickness of the work must not exceed ½”.
5. Artwork will not be returned to the artist but will be gifted in the form of a
book to the winner of the gubernatorial race in November.
6. There are no fees to participate.
7. All mailing costs are the responsibility of the participant.
8. The Feminist Art Project Task Force members reserve the right to omit any
offensive or inappropriate entries.

Entries will be received through Sunday, September 26th at 5:00pm. Submissions
received after this date will not be considered. An opening reception will be held
on Friday, October 1st from 6-10pm at a.k.a. gallery in the Paseo Arts District, 3001
Paseo, Oklahoma City. The exhibition will be on display at the a.k.a. gallery from
October 1–October 30, 2010.

**Please pass this on as much as you like! The more participants, the better this will represent the voices of women in our state.


Friday, August 27, 2010

What is Feminist Art?

Feminist art is not some tiny creek running off the great river of real art. It is not some crack in an otherwise flawless stone. It is, quite spectacularly I think, art which is not based on the subjugation of one half of the species. It is art which will take the great human themes --love, death, heroism, suffering, history itself --and render them fully human. It may also, though perhaps our imaginations are so mutilated now that we are incapable even of the ambition, introduce a new theme, one as great and as rich as those others --should we call it "joy"?.

-Andrea Dworkin

I found this quote and it was too long to tweet, but too good to forget.

And I should note that the OK branch of the Feminist Art Project is interested in supporting all creative women in the state, not only those whose art is feminist in nature. If you know women who are artists in Oklahoma, let us know! We'd love to support them in any way we can.

also...keep watching this space in the next few days for news of an exciting new collaborative art project.

(hint hint- don't you hate cliffhangers?)